(C) 2017 SPEET Project

SPEET Secretariat

School of Engineering, UAB

08193, Bellaterra, Spain

(34 )935 812 197

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SPEET Web Tool for Academic Data analysis

The SPEET webtool is accessible online at speet.uab.cat website. From the site homepage, a user can navigate the four parts of the tool website 

  • The Project: it includes a summary of the SPEET project: goals, members, and an example of the tool output;

  • Upload Data: one can upload the specific data and this step is available after completing the access by credentials;

  • Execute: run the analysis on uploaded data and specific visualizations, this step is available after completing the access by credentials;

  • Log In: it allows to register the user (or institution) on the webtool or to log in.

After uploading data, the user is redirected on the Execute page. Here, the page provides a Data Processing Feedback about the data preprocessing that is performed before the execution. The preprocessing may fail, may have warnings or may be fully completed. If some warnings appear, the tool can still be executed. However, the analysis might be improved after the user checks the suggestions provided by the page. In case the preprocessing fails, the user must upload a new dataset. The package provides suggestions.


Once the preprocessing is completed, the user can choose to execute one of the two tools available by clicking on the corresponding icon:

  • Clustering, drop out and classification

  • Coordinated views


More information about the tool is available under the corresponding icon. In case previous results have already been executed during the same session, the user can also explore them on the Execute page or get back to the Upload Data page to upload a new dataset.