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Opole, July-24

​During the 24th July the 5th meeting of the SPEET project took place at the Politechnika Opolska, in Opole, Poland.

The meeting has devoted much of the time to analyse the web tool functionalities. Prior to the meeting, partners have been testing the IT tool and feedback is provided and actions for improvement established.

The meeting also agreed in the format of a training session for next November with the purpose to introduce the finished IT tool as a product to the partners institutions.


Milano, Feb-18

​During the 1st and 2nd February the 4th meeting of the SPEET project took place at the Politécnico di Milano, in Milan, Italy.

During the first day of the meeting, the partners analysed the documentation generate dup to know, with special emphasis on the mid term report as well as working out the details to finish the IO#2 and IO#3. 

During the second day, efforts concentrated on the analysis of the student profiles obtained up to know by means of at the application of the data processing and visualisation algorithms. In addition, the definition of the IT tool functionalities, has been conducted din order to start the integration of the developed code into the IT tool.  


Videoconference, Oct-17

As an intermediate follow-up from the last meeting, the 23rd Oct the consortium had a virtual meeting. The topics to be covered and its relationships with Intellectual Outputs currently on development are

  • Selection of most suitable data processing algorithms (IO2).

  • Comments about first results of Data Visualization (IO3)

  • To start discussion about IT tool architecture definition (IO5)


Bragança, May-17

The second meeting of the consortium took place in Instituto Politecnico de Bragança in Bragança, Portugal. The meeting was collocated with the International Erasmus Week organised at IPB.

The meeting concentrated on the abalizas of the Multiplier Event as well as elaborating on the final details of the Intellectual output 1



Kick-off meeting, Nov-16

​During the 23rd and 24th November the Kick-off meeting of the SPEET project took place at the University Autonoma de Barcelona, in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to the management aspects, first issue regarding technical aspects were also introduced and as first important action, the definition of local and core databases for educational data is to be defined during the next months.