(C) 2017 SPEET Project

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School of Engineering, UAB

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Project Objectives

The OBJECTIVE of this project could be stated in a rather simple way as: determine and categorize the different profiles for engineering students across Europe. The main rationale behind this proposal is the observation that students performance can be classified according to their behavior while conducting their studies. After years of teaching and sharing thoughts among colleagues from different EU institutions it seems students could obey to some classification according to the way they face their studies. Therefore, if it would be possible to know what kind of student one student is, this may be of valuable help for tutors. 

This main use of this student profile analysis is that of being embedded on supporting IT tools for tutoring. Once key labels for the different profiles are determined, there will be the need to determine the profile one student complies with as it starts. The first results along with collateral data should allow the IT tool identify the student’s profile (or potential profiles if doubts) and help the tutor to know how to provide the student with the appropriate suggestions in order to increase it’s performance and satisfaction with the studies. An immediate step further is that of extending the analysis to other disciplines than engineering (social sciences, medicine, etc) and compare (if any difference) the students profile that arise. The comparison can be done country and discipline wise. 


The CONCRETE OBJECTIVES of this project can therefore be summarized as:


- Collect engineering students performance and collateral data from partner organizations.

- Application of data mining techniques in order to get a characterization of students profile.

- Provide labels and features of the obtained profiles with the aim of easy recognition and classification.

- Generate an IT tool to automate the data exploration and classification.

- Elaborate suggestions and uses of this IT tool as a support for tutoring activities.